Shelter Roof Options

All roofs have an overhang on the front and back, and you can add optional gutters.  The roof panels are all powder coated steel, and include the self tapping screw with rubber washers to attach to the trusses.

  • The 12×13 standard roof has 4 13 foot PCR roof panels that are screwed directly into the front, middle, and rear trusses of the shelter.
  • 15×15 standard roof is just like the 12×13 standard roof, except it uses 5 15 foot roof panels so you get an overhang on all 4 sides and provides more eaves. This works especially well with the plywood sided shelters to provide maximum coverage from the rain and weather.
  • The 12×15 modular roof is made from 4 15 foot PCR roof panels that are screwed into two 12×6 modular roof support panels that clamp to the front and rear truss of the shelter.  The two 12×6 modular roof support panels are made from the same 1 5/8 16 gauge galvanized steel as the rest of the panels that make up the shelter.

The modular roof is easier to assemble, and disassemble and move if needed due to the roof coming apart into two 12×6 foot sections. This is a modular design that makes it easy to add onto and move if wanted.

Standard Roof
Modular Deluxe Roof
14×15 Deluxe Roof